Conference speakers

Keynote speaker

Professor Rick Morimoto

Talk Title: The Proteostasis Network as a Biological Clock for Health, Aging and Disease

Department of Molecular Biosciences
Northwestern University

Royal Society Wolfson Visiting Fellow
at the University of Cambridge


Other confirmed speakers

Ivana Bjedov

Dr Ivana Bjedov

Co-Coordinating Committee Member

Talk Title: Increased fidelity of protein synthesis extends lifespan

Molecular Biology of Cancer Research Group
UCL Cancer Institute

Pedro Carvalho

Professor Pedro Carvalho

Co-Coordinating Committee Member

Talk Title: Quality control of membrane proteins

Sir William Dunn School of Pathology
University of Oxford

Benedict Cross

Dr Benedict Cross

Talk Title: Induced control of protein degradation

PhoreMost Ltd

Tuomas Knowles

Professor Tuomas Knowles

Co-Coordinating Committee Member

Talk Title: Protein phase transitions

Department of Chemistry
University of Cambridge

Sheena Radford

Professor Sheena Radford

Talk Title: The challenges of predicting amyloidogenicity

Faculty of Biological Sciences
University of Leeds

Rahul Samant.jpg

Dr Rahul Samant

Co-Coordinating Committee Member

Talk Title: Deconvoluting cellular proteostasis strategies across proliferative states

Signalling ISP
Babraham Institute

Steven Spoel

Professor Steven Spoel

Co-Coordinating Committee Member

Talk Title: Diverse ubiquitin chain topologies orchestrate plant immune signalling

Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences
University of Edinburgh

Rebecca Taylor

Dr Rebecca Taylor

Co-Coordinating Committee Member

Talk Title: How neuronal signalling connects perception with proteostasis and ageing

School of Biological Sciences
University of East Anglia

Paul Workman<

Professor Paul Workman

Talk Title: Discovery and development of NXP800: a clinical stage GCN2/ISR activator that inhibits HSF1 transcription for the treatment of ARID1A mutant ovarian cancer

Signal Transduction & Molecular Pharmacology team, Institute of Cancer Research

Harrap Professor of Pharmacology Therapeutics Group Leader of the Signal Transduction, Molecular Pharmacology Team             Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery           The Institute of Cancer Research

Bernadette M Carroll

Dr Bernadette Carroll

Co-Coordinating Committee Member

Talk Title: Exploring lysosomal dysfunction in cellular senescence

Senior Research Fellow
University of Bristol

Rachel Simmonds

Professor Rachel Simmonds

Talk Title: Dysregulated proteostasis as a virulence mechanism of pathogenic bacteria, the case of the Mycobacterium ulcerans exotoxin mycolactone

Head of the Department of Microbial Sciences
Professor of Immunopathogenesis
University of Surrey

Pharma Panellists